Natural/Curly hair was not the best thing to have over the years growing up as society made it a point that women with natural hair was rather termed unaccepted. My hair journey has been a rocky one as I went through different stages with my hair. The relaxer phase, every day cloud 9 usage in attempt to get it super straight all this making my hair unable to grow, unhealthy and definitely not glowing.

I still had virgin hair at the age of 16. My  sister would often tease me and said I looked like Oprah Winfrey with my thick flicked up hair. Other times, I covered the right side of my face with my hair , which made me look  like pop eye. I then decided to sheen straight my hair as I thought it would be more softer then relaxer my curls were gone, my hair was thin and I could finally manage my hair. I experimented with my hair which in turn destroyed the condition of it. I  relaxed my hair for many years removing the curl and I would hardly have my hair loose as it was thin and looked limp.

July 2011, before I left for Qatar it was the last time I ever relaxed my hair I decided to transition and have no chemicals on my hair. I shared an apartment with a Indian lady in Qatar and I would regularly see her oil her hair, Indian women just take extra care of their hair and it really shows how healthy and beautiful it is. To my advantage she shared her hair oiling secret which was almond oil, caster oil, coconut oil. Mix those together and Bobs your uncle. I started the oil routine journey before wash day once a week as I consulted with a Brazilian salon and advised curly hair as to be washed once a week to preserve all the oils in the hair as curly hair tends to get dry. I was on a healthy hair journey packed, ready and motivated and would hardly use heat on my hair while flying as I found it convenient and easy to tie my hair in a bun for work as it looked professional. I would only blow out my hair and cloud 9 it when I came home to SA as my hubby and mother preferred it straight. The condition of my hair was looking better ,healthy and finally glowing.

Then came the ombre trend…I decided to experiment which was a big no no, causing damage, as the top part of my hair was still curly and bottom was distorted dead straight. I immediately went into recovery mood and checked out some You-Tube videos in attempt to get my hair help and I found a Keratin Reconstructer which helped, however my ends was still damaged. I coloured my hair back to my natural black and I transitioned once again I’m hoping to continue on this journey.

Its been eighteen months; since I peroxided my hair, six months since I coloured it.  I’ll do a six month colour just to revitalise and  brighten my natural colour using peroxide free products. So what I find works well for my hair is deep conditioning, protein treatments, vitamins, oiling and regular trims. I would alternate one month natural and one month straight as that is my hubby’s favourite look and of course to prevent heat damage. My hair is far from where I want it as my curls at the ends needs TLC after all that damage. I am thinking of cutting it into a lob, but I’m two minded as it took me seven years to get it to my length as my hair tends to grow very slow. So guys, give me suggestions?

That being said,  hair is a complex thing as is most things in the human body and we should nourish, feed and take care of it being natural, straight. We all have different hair needs, but ultimately we have to embrace what makes us different, unique and   appreciate the small things in life.

We are our own kind of beautiful, we all have flaws, we all have battles to fight.

Let’s strive for a healthy mind, body, and hair

Share, Inspire, Encourage.






When in ITALY the obvious thing to do is to indulge in pizza, pasta, bruschetta, gelato and crème brulee. All my favourites and a must have in Italy. My very first time in Rome was during a snow white December, reminded me of a winter wonderland , its cold, its wet and I can’t hold myself back. I’m ready to tour the city and with shopping in mind of course. I mean you don’t go to Italy and not shop. I recall finding these exquisite brown genuine leather horse riding boots, which was on sale mind you. I had them for years and it appears to look more gorgeous as it ages…. halla to finding that steal!

 I waited anxiously to see if my requested flight was granted. At last, Rome on my roster. All crew will know, and feel the exact same way when its time for the new month roster to be published and your requested destination bids were granted and of course four days off in a row you end up doing the happy dance.

Rome is one for the oldest cities and most popular cities in Italy, while still entrenching the old ruins that made history dating back to BC. So much history yet so magnificent it’s like you going back in time. My journey started at the historic monumental Colosseum, the movie “Gladiator” was shot there, which was used for gladiator games. The Spanish steps known for its butterfly shaped steps. There are numerous incredible landmarks and I’m blown away mind, body and soul that God chose me to see this.


Trevi fountain dates back centuries and was finished in 1762 so typically civilians would throw coins into the fountain and make a wish (side note mine is yet to come true).  Imagine, 3000 Euros are thrown in the fountain each day. The money is used to subsidise a supermarket for the needy. I had the opportunity to snap a pic  indulging in my fav Pistachio Gelato.


Malan being the second most popular city and is the fashion capital of the world, the worlds design capital. Its artful, tasteful museums and art galleries are Stella. Known for high end shopping and beautiful architecture. Malan gives a new twist on tasteful fashion.


Venice did you say romantic my oh my…… I love everything about Venice the water canal and the famous Gondola ( traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat), , , that being the means of transportation for centuries.  I would love to go back and this time with my husband.

During my time, traveling abroad my journey has been thrilling and captivating; moreover ill always remember that beautiful chapter in my life, that book is now closed and frankly it was a great book, but I’m writing a new book and this time I’ll take you on my journey. I’ll share the good, the bad and the crazy.

Lessons learned, finding my passions and learning to love myself and not allowing small things to get under my skin. This is me raw and how at the age of 30 I’m finally ready to let go and just let my hair down and see where God leads me, guides me, and prepares me. I’m ready to share, I’m ready for life, I’m ready for you all to be part of my journey.

My adventures, my life, my style.





BuzzFoto Celebrity Sightings In New York Ð  October 27, 2015

From Posh Spice to Queen of Chic with a thriving successful fashion empire.Victoria Beckham is everything in the fashion world. Taking conventional dresses and making them unique and iconic. Her tasteful simplistic style and artful use of colour is truly magnificent.  She brings chic to the streets and posh to fashion in a daunting, sophisticated and unique approach.

Victoria Beckham seemingly always brings her “A GAME” in fashion and takes risks which works well for her brand. Her colour choices, shoe choices, the structure of her pieces so crisp, artful and typically a breathe of fresh air. VB inspires me to think creatively and collectively. Fashion is all about risks, its about empowering you, its about creatively finding your passions and collectively combining all those elements to bring the best out of you.

I’m currently working in a corporate environment I tend to keep things chic, sophisticated and professional but still bringing that sassy element to my looks. I find  inspiration from influential icons in the fashion world to assist in styling and finding pieces which is pleasing to the eye, has a confident approach, while still being true to my style. From the Plain- Jane that loves her sneakers and flats may want to indulge in her LBD and sultry heels for a night out. To the Fashionista that loves bringing drama to her style, but may want to switch things up to sneakers and tracks.  At the end, every individual is different and unique in their own way.  We should feel  empowered, confident, yet still true to who we are.

There are a zillion ways to spice up your closet and still be you.

Bringing you another style story, Let’s REIGN IN STYLE.

Amo Amo how I love PARIS….


The City of LOVE …….As far, as I can remember I always had the craving, the longing to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I was fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to venture into the world. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine myself leaving my family behind. Therefore, I knew it was my Destiny. This was what GOD had planned for my future, for me to find myself, my passion and mould me into the strong woman that I have become. I was not going to waste this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I remember it like it was just yesterday, 7 years ago my friend and I went to the open day for Qatar Airways in Cape Town and I could never imagine that my life would radically change in such a short period of time. Two months later and there I was on the next flight headed for this exciting unknown adventure. I arrived in Doha, Qatar and everything was so different; religion, culture, nationalities, however, I was still excited to be in a new country. At first I felt homesick and wanted to leave, but my mom would always remind me that I could do it, she had the ability to calm me whenever I felt sad and that kept me going. She would always say “just hang in there, you’ll see us soon”, that made me stronger to stick it through and eventually it got better with time. In the end I ended up staying much longer than I ever anticipated. Six and a half years to be exact.

After 2 months of intense training, the day I had been waiting for had finally arrived!! HUHHHH PARIS,  envisioning myself indulging  with a double shot of espresso and croissant with various selections of preserve at a cute little corner café Parisan style-just like in the movies. Mine turned out differently though, but it was still awe-inspiring, the most amazing, fulfilling, life changing event in my life. In September 2011, I roughly recall reaching the hotel and getting  fashion ready by trying on multiple outfits in an attempt to look Parisian chic so that I could roam the streets of Paris in style. I was all set and felt like I was on top of the world. My first European train experience was amazing, we reached the city and I found myself taken a back by it’s beauty. Smelling the freshly baked breads, roaming the busy streets and finding the famous Laduree shop to enjoy my absolute favourite pistachio macarons. We immediately got ourselves ready to tour the city. The first stop was the glass triangle Louvre National Art Museum of France which contains world famous art collections such as De Vinci- Mona Lisa. It was a momentous moment for me and I was captivated by it’s beauty.

Then that MOMENT I had been waiting for had arrived …… The Eiffel Tower, its radiant beauty, captivating your soul, it was breathtaking, I was mesmerized, as it was a magnificent sight. In that moment, I knew it would beautifully haunt me for the rest of my life. I feel blessed that I was awarded the opportunity to travel around the world by being a part of Qatar Airways crew. That chapter of my life has now come to an end but I will always be grateful that I got to experience so many new things. I am now in a new chapter of my life. I am excited and intrigued to see what God has in store for me. The dreams I have inspires me to finally tell my story. It allows me  to live life to the fullest, with a fresh perspective and above all else to be grateful for my health, family and a wonderful Husband.

I have become a stronger, wiser, independent woman who is finally ready to conquer all her fears!

I have found my voice, I have found ME!

This is one of the many adventures that I got to experience.

 I am Pamela Lee and this is my STORY.





I have always had a great obession with leather anything. I believe it elevates your look drasticlly as it has this sultry appeal to it. Leather as a whole has this luxy, chic and high fashion vibe that can styled in so many different ways. Victoria Beckham, just knows how to rock that leather pants. She makes it look so chic and effortless. Her brand, everything about her is so high fashion. Kim k again brings another look to the leather pants being sultry and sleek.

Pairing leather together i tend to keep the other parts of the look very minimal to attract the eye to the main core of the outfit.  Not referring to bags and shoes, Example pairing a leather skirt and a leather jacket I make sure there isn’t much detailing this will in turn make your outfit look refined, sleek and have that high fashion finish. My go too leather anything we talking shoes, bags, pants, skirts, the famous leather biker jacket as those pieces are timeless, its a great investment will not frail anytime soon and most importantly leather beautifies as it ages.

Lets get that runway high fashion vibes up in your closet.








Style is your Identity something you want to tell the world about yourself. As I always had a great love for fashion and making an impact stylishly. Often individuals perception is that you have to splurge loads of money to make your outfit look lux, which is not the case. My go to method is to incorporate high end brands with inexpensive brands creating a rich, lux and timeless look. Key things to keep in mind when styling outfits style the outfit that will make you look sleek, chic and feeling fantastic. My aim is to express my passions through styling and to inspire and empower women to make the most out of life. Encourage them to embrace their inner beauty and motivate them to take care of their outer beauty too.

Colours trends and textures for that season is key in the fashion world. Not only to show case the colours that are on trend for that particular season, but rightfully bringing runway vibes to the streets. A sassy heel and matching bag will make a simple outfit look WOW! Taking a simple look from Zero to 100 .Well-fitted jeans with a simple, chic tee styled with a matching sultry heel and bag, thus attracting the eye to the cohesion. Individuals view fashion differently as in most things in life, however whether it be in the workplace, girls night out, date night with your partner you can make an effort in the smallest way.

Fashion icons that I look for inspiration is the legendary Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel better known as Coco Chanel. Chanel Quote: Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway. She gives me reason to believe that even if it takes a very long time to reach what I was destined to I will reach it. The greatest success stories comes from hard hassle, drive, resilience and patience. My dad in all honestly, got me in the love for fashion, back then little did I know all I wanted to be is a lawyer, hence things change, dreams change and it took me a minute to discover who I am. Little did I know that moments my Dad and I shared, Dad taking photos of me in my mom’s dresses when I reached home from school would lead me to my great love for fashion. In essence, I get nostalgic when friends and family feels fabulous with the styling tips I provide. Chanel quoted: If you feeling sad wear more lipstick and attack.

I am passionate about life, fashion the adventures I got to experience, my journey to the point in my life. Gratuity above all else and that my fashion dreams will come true. Love fashion like there is no tomorrow. Fashion inspires me, style leaves me feeling refreshed and shoes makes me want to strut on the runway. Style is something that can definitely be bought out by someone with expertise for guidance to bring that fabulousness out in you.

I am Pamela Lee and this is my Fashion Story