How do I feel reaching the age of 31? I feel like a new me, a new era filled with happiness and fresh perspective. To live life to its full capacity and venture into self discovery. People will say I’m quite particular, drama queen and a temper addict, even if that’s all true; I have seen changes in the pursue of my happiness. Nonetheless, it was hard battling with things in my life that made me hold on and refuse to let go, constant rejection, that drained me physically  and mentally. I thought people didn’t understand me, get me and well the simple truth is… I didn’t understand who Pamela was and how to deal with certain situations.  It’s been quite a ride and finally I’m taking one step at a time and challenging myself to the person I know I can be, whilst learning how to handle rejection as things doesn’t always go as planned and not everyone will like you. I’m in the process of venturing into my path, expressing my passions through fashion in the attempt to be the best version I know I can be.

Life isn’t perfect, life isn’t easy, life is hard, but what keeps me feeling assured is that God has been through it all. Guiding me, lifting me when I felt at my worse. Everyone has battles to face and as I’m facing mine, head strong, working towards my passions. I will face it no matter the obstacles surrounding me. There will be tears, there will be longing, but what keeps me going is that fears that held me captive is finally being overcome little by little, day by day.

In order to move forward, you have to start from scratch again, however the irony is I’m finally happy, content and going after the things I want. I will shed tears before God, but then I get up, dry my tears and go about my day. Sometimes, you just need to cry when things just isn’t going as it should. Nothing comes easy and I’m learning each day to represent life with beautiful memories. To be brave even when life gets you down. My way of venting is by indulging in chocolate and lots of it, writing, sharing my love for fashion on the gram, it calms me and bring me so much joy. People enjoy different things and that’s my personal release.  Everyone has their own story and that my darlings is why we are unique.

My story, my style





Oh October, how I love you…correct it’s my absolute favourite month, filled with joyous milestones & beautiful memories. It’s finally spring with magnificent weather. Summer is around the corner and it’s the time to go wild, enjoy the sun rays, live life & be joyous.

Summer fashion- Inspired by all things lux, chic and effortless.


I purchased these sleek fashionnova trousers some time ago, trendy, classic and rich. My greatest obsession is highwaisted (everything and anything) Hugs & frames your body and gives you that killer silhouette.

Top- Agaci a USA brand, purchased in Dallas. If I recall, I got this amazing find, years ago and the quality is still superb.


Be the best you can be & love who you are, regardless of what’s standing before you. Trust and believe that in time things will fall into place.

My style story




I realise that I have been extremely quiet, hence don’t think I’ve forgotten about ya’ll. I wanted to share, that two years ago I took my Mom to Barcelona, Spain and it incredible. I found it fitting that she joins me. I remember like it was yesterday and it was magical indeed.

The first night of our stay we were quite exhausted, but i persuaded my mom to tour the night life, thus we did just that. As we were ravished, we went to this authentic Spanish restaurant  where we enjoyed local cuisine, such as tapas, sangria and paella, my mom’s favourite signature dish she loves cooking.

The next morning….day of adventures excited to tour the streets together and just cherish our time together, however the weather did not play along. Nontheless we made the best out of the day. We enjoyed the famous sights by going on the “hop on hop off bus” it was thrilling, exciting and to gain incite to the history of the city and to share it with my mom was the cherry on the top.

My mom a brave woman of God, a light in our lives and everything I would want to be as a Mother someday. She deserved this and it was such a iconic adventure for us that we got that MOMENT! We enjoyed the happiness, the bliss, the shopping and so much more. Barcelona is just breathtakingly beautiful, filled with so much culture, love and amazing shopping….of course we had to stop by Louis Vuitton “wink wink”

I’m glad I got to share this with my beautiful Mommy.

Inspired by her love, bravery and sacrifice!



Summer glow makeup

Summer is right around the corner and as we prepare for a summer filled with fun, BBQ’s, beaching, cocktails and glowy skin. This season we are keeping it clean, fresh and natural. Basking with your natural beauty, while embracing your natural tresses that will shine to its full glory.


Futuristic makeup will be seen everywhere as spotted first on the runways of Europe. Driven by bright eyeshadows that makes a brave and powerful statement.

Hair trends

 Its time, to let those curls loose and let your hair be free and wild. Finally, natural is the way to go and it’s being embraced to it’s full capacity. From killer curly hair to beach wavy tresses. Summer its all about effortless hair, whilst still keeping that natural glow. After all, we have more pressing matters to attend to being adventures, beaching and relaxation time.

Nail trends

The thought of summer makes one think of palm trees, sipping on cocktails, wearing your sexy sunglasses while overlooking the ocean? Balling these colours, you’ll definitely be shinning bright like a diamond!

Summer colours

Pastels and florals are serving soothing soft, pretty feminine tones. Indulge in these milky floral accents, you’ll be feeling your best self. Not only is in beautiful and will compliment any skin tone its trendy, refreshing and will bring all that summer vibes.

Inspired by the very thought of fashion that makes for tasteful, exciting, visionary style. Summer is about fun, adventures, quality time with your loved ones. It’s about experiencing the sun on your skin, self reflection and creating magical moments.

Summer: Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, life gets better!

“The summer night is like a perfection of thought” – Wallace Stevens

Sleek, Style, Refined











Lately, I have been seriously crushing on anything red! It’s fresh, bright and oh so spicy. We’ve seen it everywhere in fashion. It’s a bold colour that is expressed stylistically.

This year, I have been going wild with bright colours; that’s definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m obsessing over these gorgeous tones. Bearing in mind, that red compliment’s many skin tones. It boosts your confidence and mood to which you’ll be telling yourself …. “Girl I’ve got this”

Red is beautiful, sultry and charming….Babes, get those red vibes in your closet!

Outfit Details:

  • My shirt- Levi’s.
  • Red skirt- Thefix.
  • Red boots – Prettylittlething.


When in doubt wear Red!

Style is a expression of who you are, without having to say a word!

Sleek, Style, Refined.

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Yeezy Strut

I  brought all that sassy fierce and took to the streets yeezy vibes. Trending this season is the waist belt. Let’s be real, sometimes it can be a real pain finding items in our bag, hence this bag is a must have, its small enough to find your lipstick, thus no more  searching for it. Its practical, chic and a fashion must have this season.

The way we style an outfit is key to bring a high fashion look. The makeup, hair etc unifies the look and brings an interesting touch to your outfit.

Yeezy Vibes

We all have different paths, different journeys that led us to a specific point in our life, hence some may excel quicker than others, but Resilience is very different than being numb. Resilience means you experience, you feel, you hurt, you fail, but you keep going- Yasmin Mogahed.

I’m facing all my fears by writing to you and I have come to realise, sometimes the bravest thing you can do is admit you not sacred anymore. You have to push beyond your comfort zone and that’s what I’m aiming towards. I’m finally learning to live life not caring what people says. Sharing my passions, my love, my excitement, my happiness.

Couch Fierce

I’m Brave and Bold knowing that God is completing my puzzle.

Lets be brave together and follow my journey “wink wink”

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Denim has been the go to style time and time again and has taken vengeance in fashion rightfully so. The great thing about today’s era, individuals can actually find jeans that fits them well, suits their body and makes them look “oh so yummy”  The struggle is real finding that perfect jeans that really makes a great statement . Hence, the image below will illustrate which jeans will best suit their unique body shape.





Killer vibes inspired by bloggers who are aware; on how to make the denim trench dress look chic, trendy and captivating an interesting take on denim.

denim dress


Elevate the look of your outfit by brightening it up. How hot is this look…



Denim makes a impact stylisticly, hence Instagram makes a statement with slogans on denim. Killer vibes all the way. Oh that note, please find me on my Instagram. there you’ll find my style story #outfit post.



Fresh off the runway. The denim mini coordinate set, isn’t this everything? Check mate



The Denim jumpsuit-not only does it bring fierce, but its the easiest way to get ready. We all know we love them fashion hacks.



My story, my style, tasteful tips all inspired by the world we live in.

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